Welcome to Iron Bridge Fabrication.

Our experience, commitment to continued improvement, and drive for complete customer satisfaction makes us the best choice for all of your fabrication needs. 
We specialize in the production of prefabricated pedestrian bridges, welded wide flange beams, welded box girders, highway bridges, architectural structures,
and custom fabrication.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to the production, delivery, and erection of the highest quality structures, on time and on budget.


Prefabricated Bridges

Prefabricated bridges are
structures built for fast installation. Available in self-weathering steel (Corten),
galvanized and painted finishes
with wood steel or concrete decks. Designed and built for pedestrian traffic, maintenance
vehicle access, and utility support.


highway bridges


We build highway bridges consisting of welded wide flange beams, rolled girders, and welded box girders.  We also rehabilitate existing structures, offering field services that include bridge jacking, shear stud installation, bearing, stiffener, diaphragm, web, and flange replacements.



Architectural structures and

Shade structures, pergolas, entry features, stairways, boardwalks, signs, profile cut Corten, aluminum, stainless steel, and painted steel panels.  We excel working with architects to produce all types of features that further enhance the appeal of your park or gathering area.


Custom fabrication

We specialize in large component fabrication. Our previous work includes large grain bins, windmill embedment rings, exhaust stacks, hydroelectric dam components and more. Our facility, equipment, and skilled tradespeople make us suited for projects of any size.